Getting Back Into Blogging

Posted on 21th Mar 2020

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."
— Maya Angelou

I don't remember exactly which year was it, but I'm pretty sure I was in high school when I first started blogging. Back in the day, my knowledge of the English language was very limited and all my writing was done in my native language, Portuguese.

I started out writing about a few controversial topics, usually related to politics, for some reason I felt the urge to share my political views and opinions until the day I decided to entirely change the focus of my writing.

To give a bit of context on the transition between topics, the high school I attended wasn't a traditional Brazilian high school, instead of a standard three-year period, mine was four years and when completed, you'd leave with a diploma stating that you finished two things, high school, obviously, and a technical course that we're supposed to choose beforehand. I chose Electrotechnics, which is basically the study of electrical systems and its applications.

Nevertheless, I figured that blogging about Electrical Engineering-related topics would help me stay updated with the state of the art in my field, and that's what I did, went from possibly unpopular political opinions to more technically-sounded science-backed posts.

A few months in and I slowly stopped writing, it was probably due to the pressure of getting into college, but I can't say it for sure and, since then, I barely wrote anything for the Internet.

Fast-forward to present day, it may be a good idea to start writing again, I'll probably write more about science- and technology-related topics, and I'll try my best to back any claim with reliable sources. Each post should come in pairs (no promises), an English and a Portuguese version, this should help me reach more people and improve my vocabulary and grammar in both languages.

There won't be any comment sections, I've had my fair share of deleting spam comments back when I used to blog, but feel free to get in touch and let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding anything I'm writing.

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