If you want to learn a little bit about me, here is probably a good place to start. I'm Geoflly Adonias, an Electrical Engineer from João Pessoa (Brazil) now living in Waterford (Ireland) with my beautiful wife, where I'm pursuing a PhD degree.

This page is supposed to be all about me 😅. So, without further ado, here's a bit of what I like and a few personal recommendations that I think you'll enjoy.

Writing and Reading

You might've guessed that, as a PhD candidate, I spend most of my time writing and reading scientific papers and reports, and yes, you're right! Most of the writing I do nowadays is towards papers to be published in peer-reviewed journals as well as reading related literature.

However, whenever I get the time, I like to read books, usually personal development, crime thrillers and sci-fi & fantasy. Feel free to friend me on Goodreads and, I'm no Oprah but here are some of my recommended readings that I hope you'll like:


Since I spend most of my days actively reading and writing, sometimes it is good to chill watching some TV shows. Feel free to follow me on TV Time.

I like to watch horror movies, documentaries, anime, comedies and crime shows. Here are some of my recommended shows:


I have to be honest, I've got quite an eclectic taste in music, but I think music is something for you to enjoy either when working or when having friends over for a good craic. However, when performing mechanical tasks during which it's most likely my mind will wander, I very much enjoy listening to podcasts.

For me, it's a great way to keep myself informed and to understand both sides of a specific controversial topic. Here are a few good podcast recommendations:


If not the biggest, technology is probably on the Top 3 of my interests. I like reading about it and following new product releases, it always fascinates me how hard science and technology push humanity forward.

Here's a bit of what I do and how I do it with the technology that I have at my disposal nowadays.

My devices

I own a DELL Inspiron 27 7000 All-in-One desktop which is a shared device running Windows 10 and I have an HP laptop which is my personal computer running Manjaro XFCE.

I also have an iPad 6th Gen with a 1st Gen Apple Pencil (I find the Apple Pencil amazing for note-taking and, for me, the portability of a tablet wins over any kind of regular notebook), and a Samsung Galaxy A40 as well as a Raspberry Pi running Pi-hole to have ad-blocking in my entire home network.

What I do on my devices

Like I said before, most of what I do is writing and reading. I use LaTeX to compose my scientific documents but for quick writing tasks, I prefer to use LibreOffice. When reading, I prefer to use my iPad, it's very convenient and I can annotate all over the document or book if I decide to.

Everything I need to do for my PhD is basically computational modelling, simulation and data analysis. Python is my programming language of choice, it's very easy to pick up and widely used for data analysis.

For more creative tasks, such as vector drawing, including illustrations for my scientific articles, and photo editing, I prefer to use Inkscape and GIMP, respectively.


I'm quite a privacy-conscious person, whenever I see fit I try to recommend and advocate in favor of the use of free software with which you can ensure the user controls the software and not the other way around. I also really enjoy tinkering with electronics whenever I get the time.

I don't believe in telling people what they should use, for most of them, information is easily accessible and they should be able to decide whatever compromises they're willing to make with regards to their right to privacy. Below, I give a few recommendations concerning data privacy.